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Justin Moon

Justin Moon

CEO, Kahr Firearms Group

Born in 1970, Justin Moon has had a lifelong interest in firearms. During his youth, target shooting was an important recreational activity that he enjoyed with friends and family. While attending Harvard, he was disappointed at not finding an ultra-compact 9mm pistol for carry. Undaunted, he decided to design his own. What first began as doodles on paper during class, soon evolved into a serious project working with friends and business associates. Over the course of several years, his design was perfected and made ready for production.

After graduating with a degree in economics, Justin founded Kahr Firearms in 1993. The Kahr K9 pistol was introduced in 1995, representing the first ultra-compact, single stack 9mm semi automatic pistol to be a commercial success. Justin’s business responsibilities grew in 2005, when he became chairman of Tongil Group with its varied holdings around the world. He further expanded his firearms investments with the purchase of Auto-Ordnance in 1999, and Magnum Research in 2010.

Developing Kahr Firearms Group has allowed Justin to expand his presence in the gun industry, offering a wide range of products serving many facets of shooting and hunting sports. Recent years have seen Justin become increasingly involved in politics, supporting patriotic candidates who understand the importance of the right to keep and bear arms.

Justin is a father and regularly enjoys traveling in the outdoors with his family. He has a strong interest in motor sports, most recently involving motorcycles and offroading. His biography demonstrates that the pursuit of American dream has always been, and will continue to be the focus of Justin Moon’s life.